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Facebook Will Block Ads From Pages That Share Fake News

Fake news has become a perennial problem on social networking sites and some people have been profiting from such ventures. Facebook has been taking a...
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Facebook Is Testing Video Covers For Pages

Facebook Pages are the best way to keep up with celebrities or known publishers on the platform. One very obvious design feature Facebook added...

Facebook Targets LinkedIn Again By Becoming A Hiring Hub

  Facebook has always been coming for LinkedIn in a number of ways like Workplace by Facebook announcement a while back and this new one...

Facebook Will Now Let Verified Pages Make Money From Branded Posts

Verified Pages will now be able to earn money from post they publish on Facebook. There are restrictions though

Facebook Registers A 33% Increase In The Number Of Advertisers In The Last 6 months

Facebook is proving to be an attractive platform for advertisers judging from this impressive growth of their advertiser base
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Facebook Adds Two New Section To Pages Targeted At Merchants

Facebook Pages are one of the core features by the company as they let brands and celebrities connect with their fans. Due to this...

Facebook Pages Got a Facelift and it Looks Good on Mobile

Facebook Pages are important for the Facebook ecosystem since it is the melting pot at which businesses and celebrities meet their customers/fans. It is...

Facebook is Testing a New Layout for Pages

Facebook is testing a new layout for Pages which looks way better than the one we have currently
facebook leading in ecommerce

Study reveals 87% of governments use Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network we have currently, we know that. It has over 1.55 billion active users and out of that, a...

This Peruvian Lady Started a Facebook page to Apprehend Thieves

One Cecilia Rodriguez had an insecure neighbourhood. A burglar was found in one of the neighbour’s house and along with other neighbours, they went...

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