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Facebook Blocked Prisma From Their Live Video API

Most social networks generally offer the same features and their goal is to come up with a feature that will make sure their user...

Offline Processing Has Now Been Added To Prisma For Android

Prisma has updated the Android app with the ability to make paintings off your photos when offline

Prisma For iOS Now Lets You Add Filters Into Videos

Prisma has finally released an update for the iOS app where they can now add the famed filters on their videos

Prisma Has Basically Eliminated Its Server Issues By Making The App Offline

Prisma, the neural network based filter app that has become quite the hit on the popular app store will now get one of the...

Prisma is Now Available on Android

Initilly released as a private beta that went public against developers' wishes, Prisma is finally available on the Google Play Store.

Popular Photo App Prisma Opens Android Beta Signups

Prisma may not be as popular as current sensation Pokemon Go in the app store charts but it sure has been breaking records of...