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All You Need to Know About Tor Browser

The chances are that you have come across TOR in the past; you may even be aware of some of the fundamental aspects behind...
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Kenya’s Electoral Body Allegedly Sold Voter’s Data to Politicians

Even as the dust is yet to settle on Facebook's scandal with Cambridge Analytica in relation to the use of personal data to influence...
Facebook privacy redesign

Facebook Redesigns Privacy Settings, Will Allow Deleting Old Posts That You Don’t Like

March has not been kind to Facebook. Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica story and its subsequent ban by the company, it has led its...
Privacy and convenience

The Thin Line Between Convenience and Privacy – Opinion

When it comes to the choice between convenience and privacy, very few people can honestly pick one over the other. Most of us want...
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Your Wireless Headphones Could Be Spying on You

We all need to catch a break from daily issues about security and privacy concerns when it comes to the use of gadgets and...

WhatsApp is More Secure than Telegram Messenger – Report

A report by Amnesty has found out that WhatsApp is the most "secure" messaging app available and it bested the likes of Telegram Messenger

WhatsApp Gave Two Ways for You To Opt Out From Sharing Your Account Info

We tend to breeze past the terms and conditions of any application we install but there are hidden gems inside those lengthy publications. One...
Twitter verification checkmark

This Tweetstorm Aims To Warn You Not To Request Verification From Twitter

One of the gifts Twitter gave to the social networking world is the verification check mark, which was a brilliant way of letting people...

Reddit’s CEO revealed they receive requests for data by government agencies

One of the key highlights that I talked about on what you expect in the social media front for this year is the issue...

Facebook Honoured only 20% of Data Requests from Kenyan Authorities – Report

Facebook released the Global Government Requests Report which they release bi-annually that  seeks to inform people about the surveillance requests made to the company...

You can now hide your Tumblr blog from the web

Privacy is one of the main concerns people talk about on the Internet. This is why internet companies have gone all the way to...