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CS, Ministry of ICT speech at the opening of the Connected Summit 2016

Kenya’s ICT Cabinet Secretary says Sanity to Prevail over Controversial Films, Stage Plays and Publications Act

A few weeks back, the internet was abuzz over a proposed law called the films, stage plays and publications act. The bill fronted by...
stifle creativity

Why the Controversial Films, Stage Plays and Publications Act Cannot Just Pass

The proposed bill gives the films board a wider mandate that can be misused to stifle the creative sector.

KFCB wants to regulate social media and people are not too happy about it

The Kenya Film Classification Board has been using social media of late to express the regulator's opinions on certain issues that are apparently within...
Lady Justice

The Regulatory Arbitrage that is Today’s Tech Businesses

The internet is arguably one of the best, if not the best creation of humanity. The opportunities that have been created and those yet...