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jimmy jump

Jimmy Jump uses public stunts to drive t-shirt sale

Jimmy Jump  whose name is Jaume Marquet i Cot (born 1974) is a pitch invader from Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain, known for interfering in several major sporting events and in 2010,...
South Africa Flu Trends

Google Flu trends now in South Africa

Launched first in the US in November 2008, Google flu trends proved to be a powerful tool for accurately estimating the level of...
Chrome themes for world cup

More goodies for football hype

Google has added a list of goodies to their products for those tho are absorbed in the world cup. The best among them is...

World Cup timetable

The world cup Timetable has been around for some time now  but well,  for those who may not have had the chance to download...

President misses budget presentation to attend world cup

Kenyan president, Hon Mwai Kibaki has jetted out of the country to attend the opening ceremony of the  2010 World cup In South Africa....
advertising for sa 2010

Advertising with SA worldcup in mind

If you have a product whose sale can be optimized by South Africa world cup 2010 and you are not advertising, i bet you...