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nokia drive all windows phone 8 devices

With Nokia drive going to other Windows Phone 8, what really is Nokia’s edge?

Windows phone 8 wont start on a high like the one Android has with fragmentation and OEM skinning. So most of the Windows phone...
Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S Hands-on [Gallery]

I had a chance to put my hands on the Samsung's only Windows phone 8 smartphone, the Samsung ATIV S. This was during the...
Nokia Welcomes Samsung

Samsung: Welcome back to Windows Phone, says Nokia

Samsung announced several devices yesterday at IFA, among them were two statements, these being Samsung Galaxy Note II and we know how the story...
Samsung ATIV S

Samsung unveils ATIV S Windows phone 8 Smartphone

Just like Samsung created the brand Galaxy to go with their Android devices, seems they have decided to discard the Omnia brand for Windows...