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WhatsApp Emoji Message Reactions

Emoji Message Reactions Are Now Available on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has finally caught up with platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Signal, Facebook Messenger and Slack and has brought message reactions. Message reactions let you...
Google Project Dragonfly

Another Year. Another Messaging App From Google

With apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams gaining popularity in the corporate and enterprise world, Google is looking to take a bite of the...

Pretend to Be Working with These Chrome Extensions

People have always found ways to pretend they are working when evidently they are not. Most people will head over to the internet to...

Amazon Inc. May Acquire Corporate Messaging Startup Slack

Amazon Inc. maybe interested in steering the wheel of Slack, a messaging startup that bundles chats with real-time messaging, archiving and search services, to...
skype integration in slack

Skype and Slack have made a welcome partnership

Slack, the messaging platform that is designed to help people in an organization communicate better and it is valued at around $2.6 billion. It...