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Social Media Tax in Uganda Shockingly Sees Increased Number of Mobile Internet Users

Uganda’s ICT watchdog the Communications Commission (UCC) has published the quarterly sector report for Q4 2018 that is from September to end December 2018....
benin taxing social media users

Benin Is The Latest African Country To Impose Social Media Tax

Benin is now the latest country to impose levies that are targeted at social media users. According to QZ, the government passed a directive last...
Dora Siliya

Zambia Introduces Internet Calls Tax to Protect Telcos’ Revenue

If you thought Uganda's social media tax was the last you have heard of governments going after over the top services then you are...

Facebook Wants Banks’ Customer Data, Google Launches Cameos and Tech Giants vs Alex Jones

Facebook wants banks to share their customers' data, but would it be safe? Facebook last week announced it was asking U.S financial institutions to share...
uganda blocks vpn social media tax

Uganda Blocks VPNs to Stifle Social Media Tax Dodgers

Ugandans started paying the social media tax effective from 1st July this year and this was not met with open arms by the public....

Ugandans Furious as Social Media Tax Comes into Effect, Plus Other Tech Stories from Africa

Uganda's Social Media and Mobile Money Tax A rude awakening to Ugandans this past Sunday as they woke up to find that what their government...
Uganda's President Museveni attends his swearing-in ceremony at the Independance grounds in Uganda's capital Kampala

Ugandans to Start Paying Tax for Social Media and Mobile Money Usage

At the beginning of April, Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni stated that he would tax social media usage in the country, apparently, since they are...