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WhatsApp Working on a Way to Warn You if You Get Spam Messages

Spammers beware, WhatsApp is working on a way to cut you off
facebook will deprioritize spammers in newsfeed

Facebook Will Hide Those People Who Post Too Much On Your NewsFeed

Facebook doesn't want its network being a haven for spammers
facebook inbox

Facebook has an Inbox for Spam Mail that you didn’t know Existed

Facebook has been online for over a decade now and it is one of the first social networks you sign up to. One of...

Truecaller Detects 60,000 Spam Calls Daily in Kenya

About 60,000 unwanted calls are detected and reported by its community of users in Kenya daily according to data from phone number lookup service...

This social network pays you for your content but Facebook considers it as spam

You may dismiss Tsū as just another social network trying to become the next big thing but it is legitimately interesting. It is a...