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You Can Now Request Uber Rides Via FourSquare

Last year, Foursquare split its app into two with the app Swarm handling the check-in part. Swarm failed to gain traction as it left...

Foursquare is bringing back Mayorships to Swarm

Remember when Foursquare split, eerm Foursquare? Last year, the company split its popular mobile check-in application to two: Foursquare and Swarm. While the...

KEeping It Local: Windows Phone Apps for Kenya| The Weekend Collection

As mobile landscape in Kenya transitions from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, the importance of apps with local content grows every day. Apps enable...

Foursquare to launch new check-in app, Swarm

Foursquare as we know it today won't be the same in coming days. The company analysed its massive user database last year in an...