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Nailab Bootcamp

Nailab’s, 1% Club Host Crowdfunding Bootcamp for Start-ups

The 1% Club has played an important role in Nailab's success, Bart Lacroix and Anna Chojnacka (both founders of the 1% Club) were part...

The Nailab in a Drive to Groom Women Leaders in ICT, Preps for Its Next Incubation Cycle

Ukall and Wezatele are 2 companies that have one thing in common, they are both start-ups that have been incubated at the Nailab and...

Six month old Startup changing lives of small Kenyan businesses via SMS

African slum dwellers spend 60% of their daily income on food. Compare this to the average household in the US where food expenses account...

The Nailab Incubation Journey, and The Year Ahead

Nailab has been a journey of creating viable businesses out of tech ideas in Kenya, seeks to have a similar impact outside of the Nairobi office to other places virtually.
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Incubation without borders; Time for the Mombasa Hackathon with Nailab

The Nailab recently initiated Incubation without borders, a project aimed at stretching incubation beyond the Kenyan borders by virtual incubation. This follows a $1.6...
Nailab Graduates 2012

Startups graduating from the Nailab Incubation Centre

 Set up as a startup accelerator, the Nailab has helped develop many ideas into viable business ventures. Over the past 12 months they've been...

Nailab hits 200 applications for incubation with 9 days to go

Nailab is a startup accelerator who's focus is growing innovative technology driven ideas and the incubator offers 3-12 month entrepreneurship program to startups. Business...