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Samsung s10

Keep Your Web Browsing Private with These Four Apps

In this day and age, it is imperative to keep prying eyes off your web browsing habits and it's time to use apps that...
Tor App

Privacy Focused Tor Browser Launches Official Android App

We have all been waiting for the Tor browser to bring their official app to Android and it is finally here. The app has...
Tor logo

Browsing Facebook via the Tor network has been integrated into the Android app

  The Tor network is widely known for the ability to let users communicate anonymously from around the world. It is quite popular and it...

TIMB (Tor Instant Messaging Bundle) Promises Encrypted IM Sessions

Following the high profile acquisition of WhatsApp, concerns have been raised on privacy. The mobile messaging platform authenticates its users through their phone numbers....

Silk Road Comes Under DDOS Attack

Silk Road is a notorious market-place where you can get various illegal substances. There are exceptions however, from the terms of service, "anything who's...