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The Best “I Hope This Email Finds You Well” Tweets

Pre-pandemic and now during the pandemic has no email found you well. Here are the best reactions to the infamous " I hope this email finds you well"
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Twitter is Considering Allowing People to Send Each Other Money

Twitter is considering the possibility of allowing people to send each other money due to their tweets

Twitter is Testing New 280 Character Limit on Tweets

Twitter is a great platform that has made careers and even destroyed them. In Kenya, Twitter has become a movement, better known as Kenyans...

Twitter will finally let you have longer captions when you attach a link

Twitter's most idiosyncratic feature is the 140 character limit to posts and although the brevity seemed daunting at first, it is actually one of...
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How to get followers on twitter without any software

Currently there are so many solutions online on how-to's of twitter. Most of them being how to get zillions of followers, promising instant results....