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Uber says its a Technology Company amidst Threats of Clamping in Lagos, Nigeria

In 2015, The Lagos State House of Assembly passed a raft of regulations under the Road Traffic Regulations on Taxi Operations. The laws were meant...

Uber Will Roll Out UberRush and UberFresh in Africa by End of 2016

Uber has managed to take the Sub-Saharan Market by storm, changing the way people think about taxis and around. The San-Francisco based service has...

Uber Users in Dar Es Salaam to Get 6 Days of Free Rides Following Launch

Uber has been rapidly expanding in Sub-Sahara Africa and currently operates in 8 cities in 5 Sub-Saharan Africa nations. In the last few months...

Uber users in Kampala will get 4 days of Free Rides following Launch

A while back, we told you that Uber was  planning to venture into three Sub-Saharan markets of Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.  The taxi hailing service...

South Africa Considering Regulating Uber To Appease Taxi Drivers

Another day, another dollar. Sorry. Another day, another Uber Story. Well, this past week Uber has been in the news over a feud with...