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Facebook Partners With Telcos On a $1 Billion Undersea Cable To Serve Africa

Facebook and several telcos. have joined forces to build an undersea cable to supply internet services to Africa. The project will be just under $1...
SEACOM repair

Recent Poor Internet Connections in Kenya Linked to Faulty Undersea Cables in West Africa

The past two or three days have been marked by poor internet connections as reported by many people across various social media channels. The...

Safaricom Now Owns Over 30% of TEAMs Cable After Yu Sells its Stake

Safaricom now owns a 32.5% stake in the TEAMs (The East Africa Marine System) fibre cable. The telecomm operator increased its shareholding in the...
SEACOM fiber network

Seacom South Africa and Infinera trial world’s first 500 Gigabit/second high-speed data network

South Africa-based undersea cable company Seacom and US-based digital optical networking equipment supplier Infinera have achieved a global first by successfully trialling a 500...