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airtel kenya voice calls

Report: Airtel Users Spend Almost 3 Times Longer on Phone Calls than Safaricom Users

We use our phones today to do many things but one of its core functions is to make a phone call. Voice calls are...

Google Duo Rolls Out Voice Calling To All Users

Voice calling for everyone
telegram messenger

Telegram Messenger Might Add Voice Calling In the Future

  Most messaging apps have several features that you use or take for granted and when they lack in a certain messaging app, people tend...
Whatsapp voice calls

Over 100 Million Voice Calls Are Made Everyday on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular chatting app which is one of the few apps with over a billion users has announced a new milestone for...
facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger really wants you to make voice calls

One of the coolest things about chatting platforms is voice calling over data  rather than the traditional terrestrial systems (VoIP). Skype was one of...
whatsapp will encrypt voice calls

Reports indicate WhatsApp will extend its encryption to voice calls

Privacy will still be a thorny issue as more of our data is captured by the various social media accounts we have today. For...

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