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Mercy Wanjau CA

Kenya’s Communications Authority is Developing a Draft Framework for TV White Spaces

Yesterday, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Strathmore University, and other ICT policymakers and friends of the industry had an interesting discussion about TV...

Communications Authority of Kenya Rules on White Spaces may derail Plans to increase Internet Access

White Spaces utilize the spectrum freed, following the digital migration process
TV whitespace

Google’s TV white space database project gains FCC’s approval

Google now joins the list of companies that have been approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission to operate a database on TV white...
Louis Otieno, Microsoft

TV Whitespaces Internet Projects serve different needs in different markets

TV White spaces has for some time been a conversation in many countries as the switch to digital TV migration from Analogue Transmission takes...

More African Countries To Explore Potential of TV White Spaces

Africa has been facing challenges in providing broadband internet access to the continent's population. More African countries have continued to build a robust ICT...

Microsoft Set to Unveil Pilot TV White Spaces Project in Tanzania

Microsoft will be collaborating with the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and UhuruOne, a Tanzanian ISP to provide affordable wireless broadband access...