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Microsoft is Killing Off Push Notification on Older Windows Phones

Windows Phone is practically dead and you might know that since Microsoft decided to stop supporting the platform and focus on other ventures. They...
Windows phone 7.8 update

Nokia: Windows phone 7.8 update paused

Missing the update on your Windows phone 7.5 smartphone to move over to Windows phone 7.8? Here's why. Microsoft as suspended the software updates...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 510 in pictures [Gallery]

Nokia Lumia 510 is the cheapest Lumia device there is in the market, and is currently selling in most emerging markets. In Kenya it...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia intros Windows phone in East Africa, starting with Lumia 510

For those among us who have waited with bated breath for Nokia to finally introduce Windows phone in East Africa, you can now release...