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Algocent’s Chargifi is a Wireless Charging Solution for Any Device

Our smartphones are a big part of our lives. These devices keep us entertained and have tools to guarantee our lives are more organized. At...

Samsung’s Newest Monitors Can Also Charge Your Phone

Samsung's latest addition to its expansive television portfolio is the SE370. Besides implementations like the Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) panel that allows users to get wider...
Starbucks Wireless Charging on The Counter

MediaTek Reinvents Charging with Multimode Wireless Charger

MediaTek currently has a differentiated resonance power solution in the market but the manufacturer wants to introduce a new product agnostic charging platform to...

Nokia Tests Phone Charging using Lightning

What comes to mind when someone talks about lightning? Fear, shock, some thunder maybe. If what Nokia has been testing at the University of...
Extended Battery Kit

Galaxy S 4 Accessories available at launch in Kenya

Samsung launched the Galaxy S 4 earlier this week in Kenya. During launch, Samsung displayed several of their huge list of accessories that are...