Security firm offers ¥ 1 million up to young cyber security buffs

[Alex] is a self-taught security guru

Lac Co. wants to raise the Japan’s profile in responding to cyber security incidences. On the table is a grant of ¥ 1 million, part of a unique program to nurture young talent in cyber security. The Tokyo-based firm targets individuals under age of 20 through the provision of hardware, software and facilitating attendance of global security conferences.
[Alex] is a self-taught security guru
In a statement Lac Co. says – “Cyberattacks these days, represented by cases of persistent, targeted attacks against corporate intellectual property, are turning extremely complicated and sophisticated. We receive requests for help from many companies on how to take measures against them, but as it stands, even if we make various proposals, the companies do not have the personnel who can understand and implement them.”

Applications for the firm’s 2014 program are open from Feb. 1 to the end of March.


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