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How Telkom Kenya is Innovating Around the Customer

Telkom Kenya's journey to a customer centric brand and the impact this has had on customer experience.

What You Can do With Airtel’s Amazing Data Bundles

Airtel's Amazing Data Bundles pack more value so that subscribers don’t have to pay more to connect with their friends and family or browse the internet.

MTN Business Kenya Launches Faster, Secure Software Defined Network for Enterprises

MTN Software Defined Network (MTN SD- WAN) is a software driven network that simplifies management and operation of WAN and increase applications visibility.

With mySafaricom, Why Does Safaricom Home Fibre App Exist?

Safaricom has tens or products that can easily be accessed on its phone utility app, mySafaricom. The evolving nature of the app is perhaps...

Celebrating Women in technolgoy Takes Center Stage of Upcoming African Women in Technology Conference 2018

Research shows that technology and an equivalent of related courses are considered to be a "males" forte, besides Kenya being ranked as one of...


Home Tech Products That Will Either Go Mainstream or Be Phased Out in the Future

Electronics have found a way to become tightly interwoven in our modern lives. In a typical modern home, you will see a number of...

Best Document Editing Apps for Productivity on the Go

With the processing power that we carry in our pockets and bags in the name of smartphones, it is becoming necessary to put this...

YetuMoji is One of the Coolest Things About mKey

YetuMoji is one of the many features you can find on Finserve's mKey app and it boasts quite a number of features that you can't find anywhere else.

Skip Netflix Trailers with This Extension and Chill in Peace

The trailers that auto play which Netflix refers to as “video previews” have proven to be source of irritation for binge-watchers like us. Even...

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