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mobile loan apps in kenya without crb

Understanding Genuine Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya – Part 2

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about licensed mobile loan apps in Kenya. It is the part 2 on the...
Digital Payment like send money and till numbers grows in Kenya

Digital Payment Adoption Rises Among Kenya’s MSEs – Survey

Survey findings indicate that small businesses are increasingly leveraging Digital Payment platforms to run their operations. This means more Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)...
Instant Mobile loans apps in Kenya

Understanding Legit Digital Loans Platforms in Kenya

Digital Loans are popular in Kenya and this has led to increase in lending companies. On March 21, 2022, Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) announced...

CBK Launches DhowCSD Portal! A New Easy Way To Invest In Government Securities

The Central Bank of Kenya is officially launching the CBK DhowCSD, a new digital platform that offers a simple efficient and secure way that...
Central Bank of Kenya Kenya Quick Response(QR) Code Standard 2023

Kenya Launches QR Code Standard: What You Need to Know

The Central Bank of Kenya in partnership with multiple key players in the payments industry in the country have today launched the Kenya Quick...
Immaculate Kassait

Investigations Begin on Debt-Shaming Digital Lenders on Personal Data Abuse

Digital lenders' woes are adding up as The Data Protection Commissioner goes after those who have been engaging in debt shaming of defaulters. The...
central bank of kenya

Debt Shaming Digital Lenders Will Have Their Licenses Revoked By Central Bank

Digital lenders will have to operate under the same laws that bind the business of commercial banks, once all the changes in the Central...
mobile money

Mobile Money Agents Handle Ksh 3.8 Trillion in 7 Months

A total of Ksh.3.8 trillion was handled by mobile money agents from January up to July of this year in transactions, a huge increase...

Kenya Online Borrowers Balloon From 200K in 2016 to 2 Million in 2021

The Central Bank Amendment Bill, 2021, might be coming soon. The proposal, on the whole, seeks to introduce some sanity in the online lending...

CBK is Prepping a Digital Lending Charter to Police Aggressive Mobile Lenders

The discussions around mobile lending apps and their overall benefit to the Kenya user have been explored exhaustively. The apps have been around for...
kenya data commissioner will be announced soon

Central Bank of Kenya and Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru Differ Over Bitcoin

Mucheru's stand puts him and CBK governor on opposing ends, both agree that blockchain is important but the issue still remains whether Bitcoin be regulated in Kenya.
Mobile money

Kenya’s Mobile Money Payments on the Rise as Card Transactions Get Less Popular

Kenya’s uptake of mobile money services and its associated transactions continue to see a healthy growth thanks to new data that has been made...
The Modern Shilling

Design Concept for New Kenya Currency Evokes Confusion and Excitement in Equal Measure

According to Kenya's new constitution, as from 2010, Kenya's legal tender cannot bear the images of individuals, be it founding fathers or former presidents....

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