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Digital Lenders Association of Kenya, DFSAK

Kenyan Digital Lenders Raise Loan Minimums Above KES 1000

Kenya's digital lenders have responded to regulatory changes by raising the minimum loan amount to above Sh1,000. This adjustment comes in light of new...
mobile loan apps in kenya without crb

Understanding Genuine Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya – Part 2

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about licensed mobile loan apps in Kenya. It is the part 2 on the...

State of Digital Lending Apps in Kenya in 2023

Digital lenders have been in business for an extended period, but their operations have since been halted by the Central Bank of Kenya and...
Loan Apps Kenya

CBK Directive on CRB Listing Has Lost 4 Million Customers for Online Lenders

Digital lenders have offered their services to Kenyans for a long time without any kind of regulation from the CBK or key parties such...
Fuliza M-Pesa

Fuliza is Probably Safaricom’s Latest Success Story as Kenyans Borrow KES 1.2 Billion Daily

Fuliza, the mobile-money overdraft facility by Safaricom has gained quite the traction since its introduction to Mpesa services back in 2019. On the first week...

Defaulters Risk Being Listed in CRBs After 6 Month Grace Period Expires

Millions of defaulters out there risk to be listed in CRBs after the 6 month grace period provided by the CBK expired yesterday
draft credit information sharing association code of conduct

Credit Information Association Publishes Draft Code of Conduct to Protect Borrowers

The Credit Information Sharing Association of Kenya has today published the draft credit information sharing code of conduct. The draft code of conduct was released...

Central Bank of Kenya Cracks Whip on Unregulated Digital Lenders By Denying Them CRB Access

Today, the Central Bank of Kenya has announced that they have terminated access to the credit reference bureaus (CRBs) to rogue mobile money lenders. "With...
check credit report branch

3 Easy Ways to Improve your Creditworthiness

Creditworthiness is how a lender determines how worthy you are to receive a loan and what loan amount you are eligible for. The journey to an excellent credit score is an intentional and tactical one.

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