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State of Mobile Money in Kenya in 2022: M-PESA, T-Kash and Airtel Money

Mobile money penetration has grown steadily since last year when it stood at 68%. It now stands at 73.8% as of March 2022 according...

Why You Will Start Seeing Ads on the M-PESA App

Yes, you read that right. Safaricom is looking into another revenue source through the Mpesa platform, by providing businesses with the ability to place...

Safaricom To Limit Merchants from Viewing Customer’s Phone Numbers Using Lipa na MPESA

If you are an active Safaricom user, you have probably been annoyed to a point of acceptance, by the unsolicited and uninvited promotion messages...

Safaricom Lipa Na MPESA Platform Crosses Huge Milestone

Safaricom has today announced a huge milestone on their popular Lipa na MPESA platform which is part of MPESA. They have announced that the number...
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Safaricom’s Mpesa for Business App Sees 50K Downloads, Lipa Na Mpesa Users Reach 186K

Mobile money payments have risen as merchants and consumers try and avoid handling physical money. Micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs) have a lot to...
Ronald Webb, Director Financial Services Safaricom

Safaricom’s M-Pesa Kadogo: What is the Bigger Picture?

Why Safaricom Scrapped Charges for Transactions Below Kshs. 100 with M-Pesa Kadogo
Safaricom Mpesa G2

As Safaricom Hits 15, what’s been the Impact on Kenyan Tech Scene?

Safaricom was launched in the year 2000 as an underdog in the telecom sector. The green company headquartered in Westlands, Nairobi from the...

The Card Guys Show Us The Future Of Designing Business Cards

You know those pivotal, eye opening moments that you experience and suddenly question your tolerance to the existing norms that all of a sudden...
Lipa Na Mpesa shinda a home

Safaricom’s “Lipa Na Mpesa Shinda A Home” Drives Mobile Payments Growth, First Winners Awarded

Safaricom has an ongoing promotion that seeks to drive growth of mobile money payments usage. The campaign dubbed "Lipa Na M-Pesa Shinda A Home"...
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50% of Point-Of-Sale Payments Globally will Be Mobile in 2020 – Study

Mobile has made inroads into almost every aspect of our lives mainly due to penetration and the intimacy of the mobile phone. ABI Research...

Equity Bank’s Mobile Point of Sale Redefining How Kenyan Customers Make Payments

Point of sale (POS) is business term used for the spot where a retail transaction takes place, the place where money changes hands. Back...

Safaricom Explores NFC Mobile Wallets for Mass Market Deployment, Might Just Be Integrated into Lipa Na Mpesa

M-Pesa has played a major role in bringing financial services to Kenya's unbanked population. Serving 56% of the population, mobile money has had a...
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Safaricom Introduces Lipa Na M-PESA, Targets SMEs

Lipa Na M-PESA is part of Safaricom's strategy that targets SMEs. With this campaign Safaricom wants to entrench the use of its payment services...