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Project Loon and Telkom Kenya 4G Project Sends Three More Balloons to Kenya

Project Loon was officially launched by President Kenyatta a couple of weeks ago. The announcement was motivated by the need to avail mobile internet...

Loon to Beam 4G Signals to Larger Central Kenya in the Next ‘Few Weeks’

Earlier today in an address by President Kenyatta, it emerged that Project Loon, the high-flying, internet-beaming balloon project by Telkom Kenya and Google (Alphabet)...

Google Loon and Telkom Kenya Get Approval to Rollout Commercial 4G Internet to Remote Areas

Kenya has signed an agreement with Google Loon which will provide internet access to Kenyans as they work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. This...
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Google Loon Signs Overflight Agreement with Uganda’s Government

Google Loon has signed an overflight agreement with Uganda as they work towards the provision of service in the region.
Loon Nyeri

Loon Opens Ground Station in Nyeri as the Balloon Project with Telkom Kenya Nears Commercial Launch

Alphabet’s Project Loon started working with Telkom Kenya more than one year ago. The arrangement between the two corporations targets to offer 4G internet...

Telkom-Loon Partnership Makes Notable Milestone As Loon Sends a Single 1000km Connection Across 7 Balloons

  We have covered a lot about Project Loon, Alphabet’s arm that has already set foot in Kenya in partnership with Telkom Kenya, with the...

Loon’s Commercial Proposition Takes Base Stations to the Sky

Project Loon, a formerly Google experimental project that delivers internet connectivity to off-coverage areas through the use of a balloon system has announced its first...

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