Using Google Search like a Pro


About 9 out of 10 internet users use Google and 8 of those just don’t know how to get the exact results. They just know how to type in “a whole long story” click search and get “a whole wrong collection of results”
Then you will spend all your time trying to scroll looking for some relevant result.

I have compiled a few tricks you can use to get specific results fast and precisely.

1. Don’t use irrelevant conjunctions.
Don’t use irrelevant conjunctions like and, when, or.
Just use the key words in your search unless you couldn’t get the results you needed. e.g iphone 4 launch
don’t use “news about the iphone 4 being launched”

2.Search results only from a particular website.
At times you need to get some stuff from a particular website.
Google search can do this effectively. Just type in your search terms followed by site:website = replace website with

the website you want to fetch results from
e.g “joe biden visit africa”

3. Searching particular File types.
At times you need to download particular files concerning a topic.
for example you might be in need of notes about a particular topic or some litrature. Most of the books on thee

internet are conveyed through Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
syntax = search terms filetype:doc
replace “search terms” with your exact search terms and “doc” with the file type eg pdf,doc, ppt,txt, rtf e.t.c
e.g principles of marketing filetype:pdf

4. Define a word.
Some times it is necessary to directly go to a word defination other than just search it. start your query with

“define:” e.g define:phobia

5. Weather
You need to know the weather for your town? don’t type “weather for kisumu”, it might take you an eternity. Just type

weather:kisumu and there you are with instant results.

6. Google news.
If you are in google news and you want all news from a particular country, just type your such terms followed by

Replace country with the exact name of the country you need to get the news from.
e.g constitution review location:kenya

7. Currency converter.
Do you have to call your bank to just know roughly for how much a dollar is worth. just type you amount source currency

code “in” converted currency code.
e.g. 100 usd in kes

With these I hope you are in a position ahead of the crowd.


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