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real estate kenya

Making various services and business activities accessible online is on every investors mind right now. Many businesses including banks, tours and travel, journalism , boutiques and others are trying day in day out to make an online impression. This is driven by the fact that around 70 % of the working population has access to a computer and internet and are the same people who are capable of spending on those business investments.

Those who aren’t able to achieve that status are feeling left out in maximizing business in that opening. Currently the real estate industry is not being left behind. Property industry is now making an online presence more and more and considering the online community is the same group which will be searching for houses to move in at the end of the month, its worth making that push for an online presence.real estate kenya

Websites like propertykenya, propertyzote, villa care kenya, knight frank, Hass consult, Fortcom consult and some new entries in the market like the flashy are busy outdoing each other to show their might and good service. Some of these websites like propertykenya, propertyzote and favhouse are real estate advertising websites which host hundreds of real estate agents from Kenya and around the world and these are the most vigorous in their impact on online advertising. has even gone a step further by optimizing their website for mobile browsing. This is a step in the right direction considering this allows mobile users on the go, e.g. those commuting in public transport to do their property search while in the comfort of public transport or at home where they wont be able to search on a desktop computer or laptop.

We are still yet to see this trend overtaking the formal method of property search where you physically visit a real estate firm to peruse their listings or physically go door to door which is the most tedious of them all.  Once more population embrace this online property search i bet moving from a house will be as easy as requesting for a fast food delivery, or dont you think so?

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  1. Martin,

    Thanks for your upto date posting of technology related topics. Propertyzote is quite impressed with your short and succint analysis. However the hyperlink to in your latest article about “real estate in kenya goes online” is not functioning.

    Here are some of the suggestions that we would like to put forward;
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    • Thanks Louis,
      I corrected the misformed link and thanks for pointing that out. Feel free to do that, and kindly send me your twitter username, i will gladly follow.

  2. sorry, but to be fair, you should have mentioned as far as I know this is the best designed property website in kenya. as searching for property in kenya online for several weeks, I used and was impressed

    • Well, as of writing this article, i hadn’t had an experience with, neither do i discredit it, infact on visiting the site i must say it has a very good user interface and on the average is a good website with a large database of properties…for starters i like the search

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