Have You Received the Red Call?

the red call

Rumour has it that there is a certain number that is calling guys and they die in minutes.  Some friends of mine in Facebook like Stephen Musyoka have it that folks in Machakos, their home district have received calls from a certain number that either appears in red or makes the screen red, and they proceed to die peacefully.

I even got a call in the midnight from my mother pleading with me not to take up any call from an unknown certain red number, saying she don’t want me to die. So am wondering, did they promulgate kufa pap!

So others are going like this, on twitter there are :

  • #ghosttwitters- those who received the call but cant do without twitting
  • #mkufa- those who received cash from the red number
  • #kufapap- if you get it from the family bank ATM
  • #masaaYaKufa- when your time reaches

Are you wondering like me, how the number will appear like if you own a kabambe?

Well, it didn’t take long for it to appear

red call