Have You Received the Red Call?

the red call

Rumour has it that there is a certain number that is calling guys and they die in minutes.  Some friends of mine in Facebook like Stephen Musyoka have it that folks in Machakos, their home district have received calls from a certain number that either appears in red or makes the screen red, and they proceed to die peacefully.the red call

I even got a call in the midnight from my mother pleading with me not to take up any call from an unknown certain red number, saying she don’t want me to die. So am wondering, did they promulgate kufa pap!

So others are going like this, on twitter there are :

  • #ghosttwitters- those who received the call but cant do without twitting
  • #mkufa- those who received cash from the red number
  • #kufapap- if you get it from the family bank ATM
  • #masaaYaKufa- when your time reaches

Are you wondering like me, how the number will appear like if you own a kabambe?

Well, it didn’t take long for it to appear

red call


  1. I think this is just a rumour! it is impossible for a phone call to kill a person cause mobile devices, being low power transceivers, have a typical maximum output power of two watts and the highest frequency of two gigahertz. The low power (short-range) electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones due to the use of radio frequency (RF) waves to make and receive calls, can in no way harm a human.

  2. when you receive the RED call and die.Ati anybody else who calls you phone inasema: mteja wa nambari uliopiga amekufa

  3. I think is going to be useful information for some worried readers of techweez.com

    “Don’t panic, it’s a hoax. Variants of the so-called “death call” warning first appeared on April 13, 2007 (Friday the 13th) in Pakistan, where they caused widespread panic and inspired a slew of ancillary rumors, such as the claim that the phone calls, if listened to, could also cause impotence in men and pregnancy in women. Pakistanis were heard trading secondhand stories of actual deaths that had occurred, some claiming they were the handiwork of ancestral spirits enraged by the construction of a cell phone tower over a graveyard. Government officials and mobile phone providers issued statements challenging the truth of the rumors in an effort to quell the panic, but, just as they began to subside in Pakistan, similar emails began to spread throughout India, the Middle East, and Africa. MTN Areeba, the largest cellular network in Ghana, released a statement echoing the assurances made by other providers: “A full scale national and international priority investigation has been conducted in the last 48 hours,” a spokesperson said. “The investigation has confirmed that these rumours are completely unsubstantiated and have no technological evidence to support them.” According to engineers, cell phones are incapable of emitting sound frequencies that can cause immediate physical injury or death.”

    Source: About.com

  4. Eh maze this is just too hilarious. Seriouslly many folks are scared out of their wits. Gova lazima i take action. It is criminal to propagate havoc!

  5. Its just the tariff wars; It must originate from the strongest networks since its from under the sea,
    Going red is always the best option!

  6. @ Enock; Thankyou for the info i got really scared when i heard the rumor, just to know, so this red number, does it actually appear red? Is there a way someone could be calling you and the number appears red on your screen as opposed to the black we are used to?

  7. I want to laugh at all ths,in fact i av but with a real life experience right now,of a msee hu krekid..y’all dn b too sure..or u’l b lafin ol the way to ur grave,am jus sayin*

  8. Wel t’has hapen’d b4 in other countries including Ghana and Nigeria burr tis realy avoidable. Dont jst pick the number simple coz tis got high frequency tht damages the brain

  9. Guyz u jus makin ma day. Sum1 told me ati wen d no. is callin they write down there, ‘whether u pick or not i’l get u fool’

  10. i recieved txt from private number to dial numerous digits,i wanted 2 say pliz kill me like please call but i was unable to promulgate since their is no stuff like *121* etc.

  11. When my cuzo woke me up to this stupid rumour i almost died of fear. I just imagined ma gradma who only knows how to pick calls dying. i almost called her to ask her to switch off but luckily had no credit.

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