Did You Know That Paypal Works in Kenya?


East Africa Particularly Kenya is appreciating the potentials of E commerce more than most countries in Africa.After the fibre optic landed in Kenya, more and more opportunities keep on emerging and  giant companies such us Google have shown interest in the Kenyan Market.Now,a giant  online payment system,Paypal has finally enrolled Kenya in the list of supported countries.This is a dream come true for a Kenyan who wanted to transact online but was cut back because Kenya wasn’t supported.What does the entry of paypal means to the local market?

  • Having being in business for quite a while,people will have confidence on it and they would rather choose it over other unpopular gateways.
  • Websites are able to incorporate paypal as a payment option in their websites,this is ussually important to companies whose clients are abroad e.g travel websites and many others.

Paypal might not have given us the whole cake but the piece we have is a move in the right direction and promises a brighter future ahead.The ony limitation currently is that you cannot withdraw the funds to a local bank account from your account but roumour has it that they might be collaborating with equity bank se we will have to stand and wait.Meanwhile we have a reason to take E-commerce to the next level with this revolutionary service