E-commerce is the way to go in Kenya


Having brought up in an elementary school in my yester years,I knew that going to school,getting good grades and finally landing a nice job would be the way to go.However,I realized life  do not work out exactly that way.After a person lands a job,the next thing on his/her mind is how to open a business to supplement the monthly income.This has cost many sleepless nights and in the long run has failed to work out.

It is common knowledge that we should always try to gather assets as much us possible and decrease liabilities optimally.Therefore,you’ll need a business that you can run effectively with minimum but close supervision to achieve your goals in the long run.However,this may seem too tricky to handle ,E-commerce seems to solve this problem too well.Whenever you have an online business,you are not limited to geographical location to maintain your business,this means that you can easily manage your business at the comfort of your office,from home or from anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

A well designed E-commerce platform automates your orders,automates the processing system and payment.However payments have not yet been fully embraced in Kenya,they are steadily catching up and sooner or later,we will have fully fledged E-commerce platforms raking in massive profits.

What are the Advantages of an online Business ?

1.One is not limited to space,the space for your produccts is unlimited since there is no physical location.

2.It is cheap to operate:-It may seem at first expensive in the development of the platform but it is really cheap to operate.This is because most of the operations are automated and can be tracked.

3.Unlimited exposure:-Any business that is put online is exposed to more than 2 billion surfers worldwide.Considering the Kenyan market which has surfers of around 2.9 million,this is really nice for business.etc

These are just a fraction of the many advantages that E-commerce presents.Before considering to expand your business,consider whether you can implement it using the E-commerce model.It can save you a fortune.


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