In E-commerce ,Business Model is King


In my quest for a solution that would save me time and some few calories in ques in supermarkets,I have tried to identify an alternative solution which could possibly serve me in an efficient and friendly manner.I have not yet found one.However,my search has not been futile after all since I took a few notes.Most of the local E-commerce platforms from which I have tried to buy products do not have the key products in their homepage,thus causing page bounces-This could be fatal especially when one is using inorganic(paid) traffic.This means that many people are interested by the product you are offering but since they cant see the product in the first(homepage),they leave without making an order.This is attributed to the kind of business model that is used.

An efficient business model is the one that is easy to understand,straight forward and simple to use.Imagine this,You enter a supermarket to buy products and the first thing you find at their door is its history(of course that’s what you least care about),isn’t it irritating?,you would possibly go to the next one which is more (serious).To make the matters worse,when you manage to get the products and want to pay,you have to tell the teller your full names,date of birth,current occupation and some rather endless unnecessary details.Having tolerated all that,the teller rather says that they will get back to you.It can be such  a nightmare.

The illustration above may not be quite practical in an offline business but this is the model that is used in most E-commerce platforms.It is equally important to get as much details from the clients in an online environment but this does not translate to giving the shoppers a nightmare.

A  good business model that excites the customer,with interfaces which have been developed using Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) standards can massively increase web visitors and consequently sales.Considering online shopping is fun,having a platform that is easy to use,offers  good interactivity could skyrocket your online business to much greater heights.

Before roasting Your hard earned dimes to a programmer,consider investing in development of a good model.It could save you a lot in the long run.

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  1. Nice awakening, i believe there is so much semblance with the negative experience one would get. So true, you are prompted to go away on landing on a bad designed e-commerce website

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