ICT board to disburse 47 pasha loans


The Pasha project by ICT Board has now zeroed in on the first batch of Pasha loans beneficiaries. Deemed as the first phase in the year, 47 of the 689 applicants are now on the way to get these loans. 47 is he number of counties the country has, a low number compared to the initial 210 constituencies ICT board aimed to cover.

According to ICT board, the loans will be given by mid this year.

At the close of the loan application on 25th February 2011, Family Bank received 689 applications out of a total of 800 inquiries that had been made. Most applications were submitted on the last day. The Kenya ICT Board has allowed close to a month for loan submissions from 24th January 2011 when the call for Applications was made.

ICT board noted that women comprised upto 25% of the applicants, a very good number, and they intend to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the future. Business plans received from entrepreneurs who had previously participated in the nationwide Pasha business planning training offered by the KICTB tended to be very comprehensive.

This would be possible considering the pasha entrepreneirs who had previously applied used the complete business format, as compared to the revision in the second round, where there was a business plan template that was used to make it simpler.

ICT board found the business plans so comprehensive and needed a simpler version to enable faster checking of business plans.

The Kenya ICT Board is working well with all network operators to ensure all centres have access to reliable internet connectivity and have the ability to offer citizens a suite of relevant and compelling services. Entrepreneurs will be able to offer services such as operator retail offers, e-learning, selling of accessories, faxing, internet access, etc, from within the PASHA centres.