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AroundMe App by: James Mwai

AroundMe is an app on Ovi Store that  allows you locate businesses and services in your surrounding or any other location with your Nokia phone.When you download AroundMe, it requests for your permission to fetch your phone data. This enables the app to collect your location information.

The app has 12 main categories of businesses and locations you would be most likely in need of. These are Attractions, banks, bars, cinemas, coffee, fast food, gas stations, medical, restaurants, shopping and taxi. This covers the main items you would be looking for if you were in a new town.

AroundMe App by: James Mwai


The app uses street address to give a list of locations and businesses in the area. I searched for places in Westlands which is near me and i got a long list of International School, Peponi house, Kenya Police, CCK as the first four on my list.

I decided to select Java ABC, as its a place i would like to go for coffee on april first flirt and got a detailed explanation on how to get there. Gave me the street address, contact number, distance in miles (We do kilometres here).

  • There is Show on map button-the map is so clear you would even tell your toyota vitz to take you there on April first.
  • Directions from where i am- Gives a detailed explanation on how to get there, turn left, follow this route, blah blah…wish there could be a way to text the same to somebody.
  • Route- Gives a direct, straight line route from where you are to the location. Sad the app took my location as Naivasha, when actually i was on Waiyaki way.
  • Reviews by others- This one goes to Google search entries for reviews by users.
  • Street view- well, this one doesn’t work here as we have no street view abilities in our Loc.

I like. I like

Wanna download and feel the juice? Download Around me Here.


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