The iPad and its Possibilities

first generation iPad
first generation iPad

The iPad…the new hit wonder from Apple Computers, which signalled a new dawn in the technology world. Apple intended it to be used as a platform for reading books and periodicals, playing games and movies and web surfing. It looks like a giant iPod/iPhone since essentially they use the same operating system, which is iOS.

It was released in April 2010 and sold over 3 million in 80days! By the end of 2010, Apple released figures saying they sold over 14.8M ipads, taking 83% of the tablet computer market in U.S and 19.48M as per 26 March 2011.

The iPad 2

Now, why the resounding success to the iPad? Well, its price surprised loyal Apple fans: The based WiFi only iPad cost $499 which was lower than estimates. Also, it was praised for its support for a large amount of apps(over 65,00o applications as of now)

The iPad has been used widely used in various parts of the economy: In business, sports, music, aviation…

Going back to Kenya, the iPad is slowly being adopted. Recently, Kenya media houses have been using iPads in covering the news. Also, citizens have been using it for web surfing and playing of music. But the iPad can offer a much greater use which we are overlooking..eBooks and periodicals!

In the US, most kindergarten, elementary, high schools, colleges and universities have been using the iPad in their classrooms as a teaching aid. This new form of learning if introduced to the Kenyan education sector will be able to bring a fresh new approach in education provision in the country and boost the reading culture in general.

In conclusion, the iPad has opened new possibilities that we need to embrace so as to surge ahead for a better tomorrow and Kenya should not be left in this revolution.


  1. Do you think tablets will make an impact if any in this country where more that 60% of the PCs in use are second hand?

    • There will still be an impact, considering apple with its pricey mac still has its loyal users, lovers of tablets will take up this one. Though the users of tablets are not the usual computer users but owners of one and like the tablet for the flexibility. Bloggers and reporters would love it, right?

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