Nokia T7-00 and Nokia 702T to be available 3rd quarter in China

Nokia T7

Nokia T7 has moved from a rumour to a fact. Nokia T7Nokia China made an announcement on the Nokia Conversations China that the two phones will be available in Q3. The Nokia T7 has been a subject of discussions rumoured to be the cheaper version of Nokia N8 for the Chinese market.

Nokia T7 is said to be a mobile entertainment social networking optimized . The T7 will be packed with mobile Tv ability ready map navigation, self positioning and a 3.5 inch clear black “”Wyatt screen”.

The T7 is a fulltouch phone and as the image here hints, the phone has four home screens. The phone also appears to ship with the new Symbian Anna OS, judging from the icons.

Missing though are the HDMI output and the camera is 8 megapixels as opposed to the 12megapixels of the N8. Am not talking of fixed focus lens, seems Nokia was only tying it on the N8. Nokia T7-00 will have two colors, black and champagne and metal.(champagne is a colour?)

Nokia 702T on the other hand is a Nokia E72 or E6 lookalike, the business phone.

Nokia 702T

Well i find qwerty abit harder to use as compared to full touch phones, maybe its getting used, somebody convince me. This one comes with a 2.6 inch touch screen, so its something closer to the E6 than E72 since its touch and type. Has some nice features:

Full support of Nokia 702T mobile office software, Mail for Exchange to receive commercial e-mail in real time – no extra charge, no purchase additional hardware and easily synchronize your work e-mail inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks, Quickoffice application to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

The phone will come with two colour options, white and urban gray.