APC’s PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 brings energy management to life

powerchute business edition

APC by Schneider Electric, has announced PowerChute Business Edition 9.0, the first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) software to provide energy reporting for IT equipment. PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 moves beyond APC’s safe system shutdown and UPS management to help customers understand their power consumption with fact-based energy, cost and CO2 emissions reporting on a per Smart-UPS basis.

powerchute business edition
PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 has the ability to calculate the cost of a Smart-UPS’ power draw in kWh using the appropriate local currency, which provides an accurate depiction of how the energy use of protected equipment affects the bottom line. Bringing visibility to the cost and by products of their power consumption, PowerChute Business Edition enables customers to maximise the use of all of their Smart-UPS products and truly use their energy better.

PowerChute Business Edition 9.0
Users can now see the energy being consumed, the cost of this energy and the CO2 being produced by equipment protected by Smart-UPS. PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 goes far beyond that by taking the guesswork out of energy management. PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 ships with all APC Smart-UPS 5kVA and below and is also available for download here. This version provides UPS monitoring and centralised risk assessment reporting for up to five Smart-UPS units. Customers can also purchase a version to monitor up to 25 Smart-UPS devices from the APC website or via the usual distribution channels.