Second CIO100 awards for East African Organizations

CIO100 awards
ICT Board CEO Paul Kokubo with Harry Hare, Publisher CIO East Africa Magazine

CIO East Africa Magazine are at it a second time, with the CIO100 awards. These awards recognize organizations in East Africa that have done a daring bet on emerging technologies or deployed the tried and true in a new way. CIO100 means 100 organizations get to win an award. Organizations that are using information technology in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers.

CIO100 awards
ICT Board CEO Paul Kukubo with Harry Hare, Publisher CIO East Africa Magazine

The awards that were launched earlier today at a breakfast meeting was attended by Information PS Dr. Bitange Ndemo and ICT Board CEO Paul Kukubo among others. If you , as an organization have got leverage in business due to a technology innovation you have used that others havent, and this has assisted you pursue new markets, save money or make more, here’s your chance to tell it to the world.

Its worthy of note that these awards are not targeted towards technology products sellers, on the contrary its to the consumers of these products. The aim is to showcase the non-technology firms that have benefited from these technologies.
To be selected, applicants must show the extent to which they are using IT in a new way or how IT
is enabling new ways of doing business, whether internally or externally. Applicants must also show the measurable impact (business value delivery) of their project, backed up by supporting data.

Teams of CIO judges will review the applications and make recommendations about each entrant. The team will debate how each company stacks up against the others in terms of the depth and breadth of their practices, their creativity and the specific measurable results of their achievements. Judging will be
purely based on the information submitted in the application form, therefore entrants are encouraged to be conclusive in their application, and include any information about their projects or initiatives that they
would like the judges to consider.

The CIO 100 Symposium and awards ceremony will be held at the Nairobi Safari Park on November 23-24 this year.

Here is where to apply for the awards.