Online business directory website Mocality launches daily deals

mocality daily deals

Online businesses are catching up with global trends. This is due to a flurry of investments on the local scene by foreign and local investors into the e-commerce business. We have seen this being possible by availability of mobile money and other payment methods. Mocality is one of the businesses that have taken Kenya by storm with huge spending on systems and advertising, huge billboards and other media.mocality daily deals

Apart from the online business directory business, Mocality has launched Daily Deals, a business that seems to be having great returns both globally and locally. At the moment there is a dummy/trial deal that has since expired and a message saying that more real deals in the offing soon.

This space has been previously dominated by two companies, Rupu and Zetu, which seem to be doing good. It is to be known that even if this kind of business is known to scale very well, not every Tom Dick and Harry can invest in this field. Reason is that it requires alot of market research so that one can strike a balance between good margins and continuity of the business. This means proffesional labour and many other resources. Lets watch and see how this industry goes. You can get more info from Moses Kemibaro.