Nokia E5 smartphone review

Nokia E5

Nokia E5The Nokia E5 is a business phone. And by that I mean it has all these important features you require on a business phone, the looks, the qwerty, the mails, microsoft communicator and the like. I have had this device for around 3 weeks now, and I have grown to get attatched to it.

It has a 5.0 fixed focus camera with a flash that douubles up as a flashlight. Seems all E series phones have one, right? E5 made me love qwerty, I always say I prefer touch phones to qwerty, but the speed with which I could tweet and chat on whatsapp made me soften my stand. The phone has a good battery life, comes with 250 mb internal, but the OS allows one to use the external storage of SD to install apps. This can go to 32gb. I saw this video sometime where this phone multitasked 74 apps and still functioned well. Aint it amazing? A world record!

Setting up and using mail on the phone is easy, just few short steps and you are good to go. The phone doesnt consume alot of data, methinks its coz of the low graphics as opposed to phones with huge screens. I recently upgraded the firmware, though I had barely used it a week so I couldnt clearly tell the difference. Size and feel is okay, this is a phone you can use with one hands, smooth round buttons that feel like small eerr…..

And another plus is that it sniffs wi-fi well, so you will be saving some credit once in a while. You can use it while offline on wi-fi.

I wont go much into the specs as this is a phone that has been around for sometime, but i could show you some image I shot with the phone. Sadly if you are a photos freak like me remember there is no autofocus, so thats one point gone. Great close up photos where its well lit.

Nokia E5 pics
I visited some town and couldnt help noticing this innovation.

See other images here, here, here and here. Get this Rays Symbian Anna theme and get to feel like you are on Symbian Anna, atleast the visual.

My verdict: She can be a main squeeze, and deliver. Sells for kshs 17k last time I checked.

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