Sony announces availability of Sony tablet S and P

Sony tablet

Just as questions were flying around about Sony Ericsson and tablets, Sony announces two tablets off its oven. The two devices are android powered, android 3.1 for Sony Tablet S  and Sony Tablet P will ship with Android 3.2.

Sony tablet

Availability of the tablet is on pre-order and will be on the shelves on September. Sony Tablet S is a 9.4 inch touchscreen, a Tegra 2 mobile processor and weighs 1.33lbs. It comes with wi-fi, while Sony Tablet P comes with a folding design making it two 5.5 inch displays, lighter than Tablet S. Tablet P could easily fit into the pocket, also features Tegra 2 mobile processor, wi-fi and also 4G capable. Both devices support micro USB interface and SD card.

Here is a video of the unboxing.

Sony Tablet S is available as 16GB and 32 GB tablets at $500 and $600 respectively.