Dorothy Ooko is now Communications manager at Google Kenya

Dorothy Ooko

Dorothy Ooko

Last month Dorothy Ooko communicated to us of her moving from Nokia as Communications Manager, though she didnt say where she was headed . She told us she will be confirming to us her new office in due time. Here is the message she sent me previously:

Dear friends, partners and collaborators,

One of my greatest passions is the continent of Africa and being able to provide services that transform the lives of its people. I am glad to have been able to do this at Nokia.

However after almost 5 years at Nokia it is time for me to move on. I am still privileged that l will be able to continue doing what l am passionate about in a different company and serving the people of Africa.

Thank you all for all your support and cooperation while at Nokia. I sincerely hope we will continue to work together as l turn the page to begin another chapter in my life.

My number will remain the same. I will send you an update of my work email once I have it.

Many thanks and kind regards


Well, she has just confirmed her new role at Google Kenya as Manager Communications & Public Policy, East & Francophone.

I like this line by our Kenyan press-(By the time we went to press)-she had not updated her twitter bio. 🙂

[UPDATE] She now has an updated bio, and still sells two things passionately. We should be paid to guess.