Google apps users get Google+

Google plus for apps hangouts

Many have waited for this feature to be available, several have given up, others do not even find it relevant anymore, but Google plus for apps is now available. As the google apps administrator you can manually turn on Google+ and so the link will link them to their google plus profiles, new ofcourse. Availability of google plus is within the next few days, thats also dependent on if you allow access to two main features for your organization, google chat and picasa, without these two your apps users wont access google+. The settings are done at the Domain settings tab of the administrator control panel.

But there is also something coming with it. You will also have the ability to share with everyone in your organization, whether you have added them to your circle or not. Google is building a migration tool to enable those wishing to move their google+ circles from the personal account to the google apps account, availability is within a few weeks.Google plus for apps hangouts

One feature sure to excite google apps users is the Hangouts with extras, which allows a multi-person video chat, so you can work on those projects remotely, including screen sharing. The Hangouts with extras combines with Google Docs so this will be an awesome feature to some.


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