Kenswitch growing bigger, rakes in a microfinance Indo-Africa Finance

Kenswitch partners with Indo-Africa Bank
Leon Ndubai, Managing Director Indo-Africa Bank with George Wainaina, Managing Director, Kenswitch before the signing of documents.
Leon Ndubai, CEO Indo-Africa Finance with George Wainaina, Managing Director, Kenswitch before the signing of documents.

Indo-Africa Finance makes it 31, the number of Finance Institutions signed up to the Kenswitch platform, and the third Micro-finance. They just joined the system earlier today to enable the micro-finance customers to access the vast network that Kenswitch offers. Indo-Africa Finance will access these facilities:-

  • Kenswitch ATM facility
  • point of sale services that are Kenswitch Branded
  • And also online transactions Gateway that will be available early next year in the Kenswitch platform
Kenswitch is spread out across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Southern Sudan with over 1000 ATMs, so this gives all debit card users across all the 31 partner finance institutions access to realtime services. Kenswitch offers mobile and internet banking, money transfer, balance checking  and the soon to be announced online payment internet channel. This online payment channel will come with an API for developers seeking further integration to their systems.
Kenswitch will also venture into agency banking as a unit, more like we have seen with bigger banks recently. The Kenswitch Agency banking will have iteroperability amongst banks and other finance institutions.



  1. Grate achievement Indo-Africa Finance!!! taking the financial services to the people is the way to go…..congratulation it is a big step towards a bright future….keep it up 

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