BitTorrent now has an android app BitTorrent Remote

BitTorrent Remote

BitTorrent RemoteThere are many torrent dependents among us, and apparently seeders and downloaders account for a very huge chunk of data usage, money to the ISPs. Torrenting isnt necessarily illegal, infact its perfectly legal, except for where it infringes copyright. Mostly this happens on desktop, and previously there wasnt an official app on mobile. Well, till this month when BitTorrent published their android app.

The app requires one to log in via the computer credentials, and allows one to manage, start or stop torrents from your smartphone. You will also seed while at it. The actual act of downloading happens on your computer still, this app just gives you more access while you are away, Good for when you have left office/home. Here is the app in the market. Torrent downloads can also be initiated directly from browsers.