Ten things I love/hate about the new twitter

new twitter

new twitterI have already got the new twitter interface after the redesign, and as always you will expect mixed reactions to every change from users, as happens to every product. I was surprised that twitter didnt bother to ask whether we like the new one and giving us a chance to stay back for a while or test like they did previously. Sorry for those who havent got the new twitter, good things come to those who wait, after we have had all the fun. ūüėČ

Now I have compiled a list of ten things I love/hate about the new twitter, you may relate to these or add up what you also dont love/hate about the redesign in the comments.

I start with things I love:

  • DM notification: Here is where we say YAAAY!, atleast you wont have to keep telling your twitter stalkee that they have a DM everytime. You know fellow stalkers will have fodder and favourite those tweets.
  • Cleaner interface: Yeah, the whole interface looks lean and sleek, iLike.
  • Option to view videos on timeline: I saw that and i liked, you wont have to go to youtube for that, and ofcourse the views will be counted.
  • Discover-hot off the press news in one page:¬†There is that #Discover page that has hot stories off the press, friends’ activity, who to follow, find friends, browse categories and trends. Nice and comprehensive.
  • Mobile version looks like a clone of tweetcaster and seesmic: With that said, these are two mobile clients I like, and when I see similar features and skinning bundled into one, its a good deal, but these guys have copied there.

Things I hate:

  • No login option after log-off: When you log off twitter you are not provided with an option to log in again, you have to change URLs again.
  • Now have to figure things out again: The whole shebang of new things, you know, trying to find where your favourires are, the link to DM and so many things that have been moved all over.
  • Compose tweet moved to side:¬†Previously the box to compose tweets was at the top, and the most prominent of all, now its been moved to the side, smaller and it seems twitter has reduced emphasis on that.
  • Reply editor wont allow you interact with page: You know the manual retweet, see twitter on web has not developed editable retweets, so if you want to do a retweet it has to be manufactured, previously this was movable along the site and you could copy and paste while that is still open, this jQuery thin sucks, it disables the whole site. And I remember congratulating twitter for not making it like facebook, thats a step back.
  • That slide for action setting aint there anymore, goes to another page: You know, before the update on the mobile twitter, a slide of a finger on the tweet revealed the share options, this is no more, you have to click to go edit or share the tweet.
twitter logout page
twitter logout page

I also wanted to fit in those new names, connect, discover and  interaction. I dont like these, I had already gotten used to those, lets just say am resistant to change and the process the learning your way around again takes. There is also the preference to names as opposed to the twitter handle, you know, if you only know the twitter handle and dont care who is behind it. Twitter is kinda forcing people to know each other by name. What do you think?

And where did top tweets go to?


  1. The mobile app is even worse, why did I update it, features missing are swipe to retweet, sometimes I cant see what am typing, plus it keeps force closing.

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