Safaricom warns Errant Mpesa Agents of legal action

Mpesa Agents

Mpesa AgentsFollowing the news recently of the Political Parties Liaison Committee claiming that some Mpesa Agents were selling or offering Mpesa customer data to political parties for use in illegal voter registration, Safaricom came out strongly denying awareness of the activity. Safaricom, in a message sent out to the media indicated that they are currently investigating and will take legal action to any agent who is found to have breached customer confidentiality.  Mpesa agents are entrusted to very private customer information including phone details, identification details and are bound by terms of Mpesa service not to disclose these details.

Here’s the message to the Media:

We are not aware of the practice. However, if indeed there is credible evidence that it is taking place, we shall immediately take legal action against all those involved including our agents for breach of customer confidentiality

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