Samsung announces NC110 Pororo Netbooks for children

NC110 Pororo

NC110 PororoPororo is the name of the netbook that Samsung has announced. This netbook is targeted for children. Pororo was inspired by an animated cartoon series called Pororo The Little Penguin aired in South Korea and the cartoon characters are etched out of the box on the netbook back. NC110-Pororo comes preloaded with 12 Pororo the Little Penguin episodes, movies, Pororo puzzle games and colouring game, perfect for lower school level children. It is also capable of word processing and the only miltitasking feature available is playback of content.

The NC110-Pororo specs are Intel 2nd Generation dual-core Atom processor, a 10.1 inch display, Wi-Fi, HDMI and weighs 1.17kg. The NC110-Pororo netbook comes with a small carry bag.

The netbook will go on sale in South Korea from February 6 for 509,000 won ($452).

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