Samsung’s Second Engineering Academy opened in Nairobi, Kenya

Samsung Engineering Academy Kenya

Samsung Engineering Academy KenyaI have been saying this severally now, that Samsung is up-to a big impression in Africa. When others have been mainly sceptical of gambling with the African Market, Samsung is strengthening its presence further. Well. earlier today Samsung Electronics East Africa launched the second Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy in Africa. This was at Woodvale Centre Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. The Samsung Academies have an aim to develop upto 10,000 Electronics Engineers in Africa by 2015, and with this 120 students will be selected from PC Kinyanjui and Kabete Technical Samsung E-learning Centres.

The trainees will receive hands-on training for free with Samsung’s top of the range equipment, They will further get a boost by getting a chance to intern with Samsung  and thereafter work as independent service technicians or employees in their retail channel outlets in the region.

Also during the launch, Samsung launched a new Customer Service Centre on the ground floor of the same building where Samsung customers will get service, repair and inquiries on all Samsung products. This is the way to create a good ecosystem where service and parts of Samsung products of all range can be serviced and at the same time the interns will have a first hand experience with dealing with customer repairs.

Yesterday, the pilot phase of the program officially ended as the first class of students graduated from the first Engineering Academy in Africa in Boksburg, South Africa; which was launched in March 2011. The ceremony was an important milestone for the students, Samsung and the African electronics industry, signifying the program’s success and the ‘green light’ for its rollout in other Africa countries.  Samsung plans to launch the third Academy in Nigeria in the first quarter of this year.

The academies are a part of the company’s global ‘Hope for Children’ initiative, which places a strategic focus on bringing attention to the worldwide need for childhood education and healthcare in an effort to improve communities worldwide.


    • Actually, the system starts from either of the two Samsung e-learning centres based on PC Kinyanjui Technical Institute and Kabete Technical School. Students who have trained for the electronics course in the two colleges then qualify for the free Samsung Academy course.

  1. my name is eric i have never done anything to do with electronics engineering but i would like to enroll in your academy,is this possible?my email is ([email protected]).please get back to me as soon as you can.thank you.

  2.  Hello,

    Thanks for the information, my samsung Netbook N150 plus has keypad getting erased, where can I get the keys/buttons?

    • You could try seeing if the Samsung Care centre at Westlands has the keypad replacement. I cannot confirm that they do, but they have most of the parts for Samsung products they sell.

  3. I am utterly disgusted by the services provided at the customer service centre at Woodvale centre. First, they have had my phone since December……taken their sweet time doing nothing and when I went to pick up my Phone it had the same problem. This means that the technician in charge was actually doing nothing. After that, they took back the phone and did nothing with it and on top of that they never communicated with me until the day I decided to go back there and seek answers for their silence. After that they PROMISED that they would replace my phone with a new one which they did not because supposedly there was miscommunication and AGAIN my phone was neglected!!!!!!! Seriously that service centre should be closed. I had to pay you guys another visit for which I was promised that they would try and get a new phone within two weeks. After two weeks of silence from your office, I AGAIN called to inquire about the progress of which I was told to wait. Today, I surprisingly get a call from the service centre from a lady called Eddah informing me that Samsung pockets are out of stock……..SERIOUSLY!!!! In the first place I dont care where the phones come from so in short I AM DEMANDING FOR A NEW POCKET. Furthermore, the person who called told me to go and look for another phone with a similar cost. Why the hell should I go and search for another phone when its u people who wasted a whole three months doing nothing with my phone when for sure u knew it had to be replaced. HELL NO!!!!!! I cant suffer for a mistake that i didnt make.

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