Going Green? British Student to launch Bamboo phone

Adzero Bamboo phone

Adzero Bamboo phoneKieron Scott-Woodhouse Middlesex University 23 year old student is going to launch a smartphone made from 4 year old Bamboo. The Android smartphone named ADzero will have organically grown Bamboo that has been treated to boost durability. Funny that his surname is Woodhouse, and apparently he was inspired by the frustration of devices looking so similar to each other, decided to go different. He posted the designs online ans was contracted by a technology entrepreneur.

The smartphone was initially targeted for the Chinese market but may sell to the British. The phone is said to weigh half as much as an iphone and has a ring flash to make illumination of pictures even.

No talk of phone specs though. Looking at the pics we see a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port and the screen looks like its in the regions of 3.5 inch like the iphone 4.