Google wave goes Read Only

google wave close

google wave closeIts so like Google to start applications, hype them up, then realize that beyond the hype they really werent all that. That has happened to many of them, most recently Google Buzz and Google Wave. The former one has since been killed, and Google wave is headed to the slaughter house. Well, as of today Google wave is going Read Only, guess its’s to stop adding more content and convince users tto convert their data to either PDF or HTML format.

Its closing on the 30th of April 2012. Starting up and closing inventions and innovations is what makes winners. They then come to realize what really works. Ofcourse there are several good Google products like Google Search, Gmail and Google Docs. Google plus has not really picked off and one of the main reasons users might stick there longer is for the main reason of the plus one activity. That one where you are able to influence the search results by adding value to what has already been presented to you. Plus one-ing them. This gives users a chance to manually alter the way results are presented to them during search.

Seems like I went off from Google Wave to Google plus, but there you have it. Google wave is gone! Any users?


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